Happy Bags in Fredericton, NB

Bags for the Homeless

Saturdays “Drop”.

It is a beautiful sunny day in Fredericton today. Another day to “drop off” the Happy Bags. I must take this opportunity to thank my neighbor Mimi. She is a fabulous person and has joined me in my quest to try and spread a little happiness. I also have to thank my very generous co-worker Shelley who has given me many of the goodies for this weeks Happy Bags. Thank you Shelley – I appreciate your kindness, you made this weeks excursion a success!

Mimi had made up some bags too – so we had plenty to hand out. We headed downtown. First we stopped at the Homeless Shelter, but we were a little uncertain what to do. We did not want to go into the shelter because we did not have enough to share with everyone. We chatted with one fellow and he took 1 bag for himself and one for a friend. We decided to drive downtown. We parked downtown and took our bags and our little white terriers for a walk. In no time at all we met 2 nice young men that were willing to receive our little gift. I won’t mention their names, because I never thought to ask if I could share their stories – and I certainly would not want to intrude on anyones privacy. All of the people we talked to today had fallen on some hard times. But they were all very kind and happy to talk to us. We got rid of all of the Happy Bags very quickly today.

One young man gave us the best suggestion. He asked us if we knew what all of the available resources were for people in need. My friend Mimi does know of some but I really did not. He said it would be helpful to have all of the available resources written down . What a fantastic idea! One little sheet could list where the shelters are, where addiction or counselling services are, what outreach programs are available. I am sure in this fine city there must be many resources. Mimi is going to take on this project and start putting together a pamphlet with any information that could help .

If anyone would like to help us with information that could help the Homeless people in Fredericton, we would really appreciate your input. This idea comes directly from the nice young man we met today – so I would like to thank him for his wonderful idea!

Mimi and I will let you know when her pamphlet is complete. We both look forward to doing the next “Drop” of Happy Bags and chatting with the people out on the streets in Fredericton.


Rainy Weekend

It was a busy weekend in Downtown Fredericton. There was Country Fest, Bark in the Park – and unfortunately a crazy amount of Rain.

I did not get out until Sunday afternoon to pass out a few Happy Bags. I was kind of busy this weekend. And I must admit that the rain kept me in on Saturday, so I feel like my efforts were not really 100% this weekend.

I am not really sure of where the best place to hand out the Happy Bags is. I just kind of wander around downtown for a bit. I know I am playing it way on the safe side – but I am a huge chicken. I am small, and I am not tough, or street wise….my hap-hazard plan of walking around downtown in the daylight hours, or going to the market will have to suffice. I also have not had any “conversations” as of yet. That is okay too. I have received “Thank-you’s” and “Smiles” – and that is Great!

I welcome all Suggestions…… from everyone.
Thank you All!

I will be making up a few more bags this week and will let you know how it goes. I really love putting the bags together – its so much fun!

Ready for The Weekend!

After another enjoyable visit to the Dollarama – I came home with some Goodies for a new batch of Happy Bags.


Here are a few of the things I picked up. I also have lots of juice boxes and granola bars in my pantry!
I am looking for suggestions for items that would be great to include in the Happy Bags – Please- I am open to everyones Ideas!


There is a big country music festival in the city this weekend. The forecast looks like Rain, rain , and more rain. I was thinking of maybe picking up some rain ponchos at the Dollar Store. They might be a good item for this weekend – what do you think?

Happy Bag

Saturday at the Market

I went to the Market down town today and decided to take my remaining “Happy Bags” with me. I was told that there are usually some people there that may like to receive one. It was a great spot to hand them out.

There was one young man with worn and tattered clothes that was offering a free poem for cash. I asked him if he would like a “Happy Bag”. He said that he would and that it was probably much better than receiving a “Sad Bag”. I asked him his name and he said it was Muppet. Muppet asked if I would like a poem and I said “Absolutely”. So Muppet recited a poem he had written in his note book. I was impressed. He spoke so eloquently. He did a great job.

I really wanted to ask him for a picture and to get a bit of his story – but I realized that it was probably not the best time. Saturday morning at the market is probably when he makes a good part of his income and I did not want to intrude on that. I was also a little scared to ask him. I was not scared of him – but I was afraid that I may offend him, and that is something I do not want to do.

I am sure I will have many opportunities in the future to meet some new people and get some of their stories to write down. Today was just not the day.

Giving out the Happy Bags – Idea Born

Okay – I have no idea whatsoever what I am doing. Don’t really know what I want to say.I started doing something I have always thought about doing – always wanted to do, and I am just excited about it. First of all, I have a great love for the Dollar Store – I just love going there and browsing around for all the good deals . Big Deal – I know. Just Wait. I have also always felt so bad for people on the street. I feel so bad for people that don’t have a home to go to at night.  I don’t have much – but I do have a nice little place to call my own. So – I don’t really like to give money to the homeless – but I do when I see someone asking for some change. I decided to combine my love of the Dollar Store with my desire to help the Homeless.  I don’t really have a lot to give , but I thought I could make up some little bags of treats and goodies to pass out.  So I buy stuff from the dollar store, some snacks, combs, socks, wet wipes, flashlights, and various other odds and ends. I put them in a ziplock and take them down town and pass them out.  People seem to be receptive of this idea.  I figure that no matter how old you are – you always like to get a “Surprise Bag”….so I hope this idea works.  I get a nice smile and a thank you in return , my dogs gets an extra walk, and I feel better about my day! I would like to expand on this idea soon and see if people would let me take their picture with my little Jack Russell Zoey and perhaps tell me their story. I could write down their stories if they don’t mind. I hope to become a little more sophisticated in my story telling as time goes on.  I am certainly open to all suggestions and ideas!  Your help would be appreciated! 

I’ll be back with an update Soon!

Good Night!

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